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Children's Behavioral Services offers tailored interventions that are based on the individual needs of each person we serve. Our goal is to make learning an encouraging, compassionate experience that is both educational and fun!

ABA Therapy & Early Intervention Programs

Many children with developmental disabilities struggle with language, social, adaptive behavior or attending skills. Traditional teaching methods may have limited success. While many therapies and methods have been introduced in recent years, it can be difficult and overwhelming to identify which treatments to pursue.

Applied behavior analysis is generally considered "the gold standard" in behavioral support.  This claim is supported by over 30 years of research showing ABA to be one of the most successful methods for teaching children and individuals with developmental disabilities.  By using applied behavior analysis, the most up-to-date research, and years
of experience in the field of ABA, Children's Behavioral Services is able to help each child reach their fullest potential.


Each early intervention program is individualized and customized for each child’s unique needs. By starting with an initial assessment, our team pinpoints each child’s strengths and challenges to develop a comprehensive treatment plan to enhance the child’s independence, quality of life, and teach the skills necessary to successfully transition into a school setting. Each program involves a systematic teaching approach, and current skills are maximized while appropriate behaviors are taught. These teaching methods are highly structured, and a one-to-one setting is often a necessary component in the early stages of instruction.  These approaches are balanced with teaching in the child’s natural environment to ensure skills are learned in multiple settings or environments.  Combining these in-clinic strategies with support and training for parents and caregivers helps to ensure the child’s programs and skills are valuable and appropriate for the individual and their family. 

Consultations, Trainings & Support

Children’s Behavioral Services provides consultation, training, and support to classrooms, teachers, students, school districts, parents, community organizations and other caregivers on a variety of topics.  Whether services are provided 1:1 for specific students or implemented in the classroom setting to achieve goals, our team is happy to assist! 

  • Collecting and analyzing data

  • Conducting functional assessment

  • Developing behavior intervention plan

  • Training staff to implement behavior change strategies

  • Enhancing learning through the use of best practice
    techniques and ABA strategies

  • Setting up classrooms to reduce and prevent problem
    behaviors and facilitate learning

  • Facilitating maintenance and generalization of skills

  • Teaching appropriate social skill

  • Assessing behavior

  • Behavior intervention strategies

  • Teaching language to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Functional Behavior Assessment,
Intervention Plans & Behavior Consultation

Individuals with developmental disabilities may often engage in inappropriate behaviors. These behaviors can range from crying and tantrums to attempts to harm themselves, others or objects in the environment. Other common behaviors of concern include engaging in repetitious movements or sounds, leaving the home or designated area, and mouthing/eating non-edible items. These behaviors can be frustrating for parents, teachers, and caregivers, and can also interfere with the individual’s ability to fully participate in school, home, community, social and vocational settings.


Research shows function-based assessments and interventions to be successful in reducing even the most challenging behaviors. By pinpointing environmental variables, we can develop an individualized behavior plan to help reduce these behaviors, and teach new skills that help learners understand how to better communicate their wants and needs. Children’s Behavioral Services works with parents, teachers, and other caregivers to ensure that the behavior plan contains research-based, best practice interventions and is tailored to fit the unique needs of the individual in their environment. Detailed, individualized training is provided to each caregiver to ensure that the plan can be easily and consistently implemented in all environments, as well as successfully fade the plan while maintaining appropriate behavior. Our consultant comes to you to provide training in the home, school, and community settings to ensure that the plan will effectively meet the individual’s needs in their environment.

Occupational Therapy

Pediatric Occupational Therapy helps children gain independence by improving their ability to complete everyday activities at home, school, and play.  Our Occupational Therapist provides compassionate, individualized care for each child.  If your child is having difficulty with self-care skills, motor skills, or play skills, our Occupational Therapist can help. Our Occupational Therapist looks closely at each activity to determine if motor, cognitive, sensory processing, social-emotional, or other areas are contributing to the functional difficulty. 

Services Provided
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